#9 Hyndman Peak

Hyndman Peak, at an elevation of 12,009 feet above sea level, is the ninth highest peak in Idaho and the highest point in the Pioneer Mountains, Sawtooth National Forest, and Blaine County.

Elevation: 12,008′
Prominence: 4,810′
Mountain range: Pioneer Mountains
Total round trip hike distance: 13 miles
Total elevation gain: ~5100 feet


Getting there: From Hailey, Idaho go North on Highway 75 until you reach East Fork Road. Turn Right (East) on East Fork Road and follow approximately 11 miles just past the town of Triumph. Turn Left (North) on Hyndman Creek Road and drive about 5 miles to the trailhead parking.

Camping: There is great camping right at the trailhead and along Hyndman Creek.

Best time to hike (Summer): Late July through Mid-September.

Special Gear Requirements: None

Camping near Hyndman Creek

Camping near Hyndman Creek

A squirrel welcomes hikers on the trail.

A squirrel welcomes hikers on the trail.

Settling in for a good night's sleep.

Settling in for a good night’s sleep.


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My Hyndman Experience (2013) – On our way to Hyndman Peak, sculptures adorn the entrance to Flat Tire Ranch near Hailey, Idaho. We soon get a glimpse of The Pioneer Mountain Range and Cobb Peak. We arrive at the trailhead. Seemingly having the place to ourselves, we set up camp in, by far, the best spot ever! Soon, we explore the area around us, including Hyndman Creek.   Not only do we witness an incredible sunset, we happened upon a deer and her baby.

On the trail by 7am, we make our way up the drainage. At 6.5 miles one way, the trail to Hyndman Peak is one of the longest and also one of the most beautiful. The first five miles of the climb take us through a beautiful wooded drainage where Hyndman Creek flows downward . Less than a mile in we spot movement it the trees.  As we cautiously approach, we soon find ourselves eye to eye with dozens of hungry, ravenous … sheep, grazing in the open forest.  We keep focused and move on.  Soon, skyward reaching pines give way to massive slabs of rock and our ultimate goal is in sight.  Exiting the trees we climb the valley below Hyndman Peak, Old Hyndman Peak and Cobb Peak.  It is beautiful.  We come across  many streams and ponds.  We take a break and replenish our camelbaks using a water filtration pump provided by buddy Mark.   After a brief rest, we begin the rocky climb to the saddle.  At the saddle, we look down the other side at massive snow fields hugging the shadows. At this point, although only less than 2 miles from the top, it’s here where the vertical climb really begins.

What seemed like a day and a 1/2 later, we finally make our way up the last stretch of rocky terrain and emerge at the summit.  I have concurred my first Idaho 12er!  On to the next!

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